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[ENG] Sembrani Nusantara Venture Fund Plans to Distribute Dividends to Investors

  • BRI Ventures’ consumer-focused Venture Fund, Sembrani Nusantara managed to profit from receiving dividends from invested portfolios amidst the challenging tech-startup winter condition.
  • The Sembrani Nusantara Venture Fund is the first venture fund in Indonesia that is licensed and supervised by the OJK, which held funds from several other investors outside the BRI Group.
  • Since its establishment, the Sembrani Nusantara has invested in numerous consumer-focused (New Retail) companies and other sectors.
  • In the future, BRI Ventures plans to keep collaborating with and investing in startups with good fundamental abilities and sustainability.
  • Although only effectively launched in 2021, Sembrani Nusantara Venture Fund has managed to give a good performance and is planning to give back to investors in the form of dividend distributions.


Amid challenging conditions for startups in terms of macroeconomic factors and limited venture capital funding, on Tuesday (24/5/2023), BRI Ventures' Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara reported satisfactory performance since its launch in January 2021. This was explained by Nicko Widjaja, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BRI Ventures, who stated, "Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara was conceived amidst the global uncertainty of 2020. Its journey has not been easy, especially in 2021 when the startup industry experienced a tremendous increase in valuation. However, in 2022, the focus shifted towards profitability. Despite the difficulties in securing further funding, the portfolio of Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara has delivered satisfactory performance, with several investment portfolios generating net profit attributed to shareholders with a highly competitive yield."


Since its establishment, Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara has made investments in several consumer companies in Indonesia, including Haus!, a consumer company operating in the food and beverages sector.


Moving forward, Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara aims to continue exploring and enhancing its competitive advantage by collaborating and investing more in Indonesian startups/brands, particularly in the consumer sector, that have proven profitability and sustainable business models. "Through Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara, we are committed to advancing and facilitating the growth of Indonesia's startup ecosystem in the consumer sector, in addition to supporting the startup ecosystem and attracting new investors in Indonesia." Markus Rahardja, Chief Investment Officer of BRI Ventures, stated.


Furthermore, the good performance of Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara is evident from the distribution of dividends to investors, even though it has been operating for less than 3 years. M. Khaidir, the Fund Manager of Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara, explained, "The strong performance of Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara will benefit our investors through dividend distribution with a yield of approximately 12-14%."


"Since its establishment, Dana Ventura Sembrani Nusantara has successfully met the standards and expectations of our investors. This venture fund has been operating well, as evidenced by the distribution of dividends to investors. We will continue to innovate and explore opportunities to provide the best returns for investors and invest in startups that have a clear vision of sustainability and profitability."


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Community Engagement Officer

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